the gambler.

We should live until we die

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Grow up, graduate, get married, buy a house, buy cars, get a promotion, buy more, have kids you don’t know if you really want, be miserable, go shopping, drink a latte, when it fails drink a gin and tonic, go shopping again, drink more, spend more money, be depressed, swallow a Xanax, not enough? - swallow two more with your drink, hate your spouse, get annoyed by your kids, more pills, get a plastic surgery, get two more while you are at it, now cheat on your spouse, get a divorce, get richer after the divorce, right before you leave this world make sure you spend all your money - the money you made by ruining your life. Now you are ready to leave, even emptier than when you entered.
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The sad truth about our world today.

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